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Lifestyle Carpets

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lifestyle-floorsLifestyle Carpets are a fantastic brand of high quality 100% Polypropylene carpets. Available in a wide selection of styles, weights and widths, Lifestyle Carpets are a fantastic addition to any home.

4 & 5m Widths
The vast majority of the lifestyle carpet ranges come in 4 & 5m widths. This allows you to be able to carpet large as well as smaller rooms in a single piece.

100% PolyPropylene
With the Lifestyle Polypropylene carpets, you can rest assure that stains will be a thing of the past. These carpets are bleach cleanable with diluted bleach!

Great Choice of Colours & Styles
Lifestyle Carpet Ranges have some of the most diverse carpet styles & colour palettes you can choose from. There is something for every room and taste

Our Range of Lifestyle Carpets


Caress Soft Touch Carpet

The softness of this carpet at this price bracket is second to none.
With a wide array of neutral yet complimenting colours, this carpet is already becoming a steady favourite in the shop.

  • Super Soft
  • 100% PP
  • Great Range of Thicknesses
  •  4 & 5m Widths

” If your looking for a carpet that will easily compete with some of the higher range carpets, than this carpet is for you. Its a great balance of softness and warmth which will brighten up any room. Come into store and see what I mean”
– Jamie, The Manager


  • Pebble Beach Carpet

    Pebble Beach Carpet

    A fantastic all-rounder carpet with 2 different thickness’s

  • Oakmont Carpet Range

    Oakmont Carpet Range

    A luxurious mid to high range bleach cleanable carpet with 10 years warranty

  • Merion Exclusive & Luxury Carpet

    Merion Exclusive & Luxury Carpet

    Sink your toes into this ultra thick, deep pile carpet, perfect for a touch of luxury

  • City Twist Supreme & Luxury Carpet

    City Twist Supreme & Luxury Carpet

    The short yet thick soft pile of this carpet make it ideal for heavy traffic rooms where a touch of luxury and warmth is needed.

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