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Hugh Mackay Carpets – Quality British Carpets

Hugh Mackay Tartan Collection

Make your next Luxury Carpet, a Hugh Mackay Carpet

Based in County Durham, Hugh Mackay Carpets have been manufacturing luxury carpets since 1991. Specialising in Wool and Wool blend carpets, Hugh mackay support local Wool Farmers from the likes of Yorkshire and Cumbria.

Supplying both commercial and domestic markets, hugh mackay operate in the mid to high end of the retail carpet world.

Here at Floorstyles-Direct we have a huge choice of both Hugh Mackay and Whitestone Weavers carpets available to browse through.


Our Top Hugh Mackay Carpet

Hugh Mackay Durham Twist,

Comprised of 80/20 Wool Mix carpets,  the Durham Twist is a fantastic carpet range to choose when buying your first wool or luxury carpet.

The Durham Twist is divided into 3 main colour categories;

Providing Vivid Colours, the Durham Twist Colours are bold and lively.
Taking Inspiration from the colours of stone, The Durham Twist Elements are a fantastic choice for large areas or a modern interior.
The Durham Twist Naturals are a nod to the environment. Golden tones, cotton whites and beiges provide the body to this range.

Our Prices are from;
40oz – £23.99m²
50oz – £27.99m²
60oz – £29.99m²

To find out more about Hugh Mackay Carpets, click here.

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