Laminate Flooring

Hardwearing, Cost Effective & Easy To Clean

What is Laminate?

Laminate flooring is comprised of a MDF (medium density fibreboard) or a HDF (High density fibreboard). This fibreboard has laminated picture / pattern  applied to the surface and a protective clear layer then seals the picture to stop any damage.

Laminates are available these days in both wood and stone effect finishes.

Brands we stock

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the thickness of a laminate equate to better quality?
No, not necessarily.  Laminates from brands such as quickstep, balterio, lifestyle and kronoswiss all go through the same quality control and inspection process as their thicker counterparts. A thicker laminate will allow the manufacturer to produce additional effects such as hand scraped, deeper embossing and the such.

How do I clean my Laminate Flooring?
Laminate these days has become more resistant to swelling thanks to the introduction of HDF wood. We would never recommend wet mopping but the use of a spray bottle with cleaner and a lightly damp mop.

How long will my Laminate Last?
Laminate flooring is a very durable flooring option making it great for busy homes. Laminate should with proper care; outlast a carpet. As with everything in life you will get what you pay for, Quickstep while generally more expensive are more renowned for their scratch and impact resistance.

Examples of Laminate Flooring


Quickstep Impressive 8mm Laminate


Quickstep Laminate Wood

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