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How to choose a tartan carpet

Choosing a Tartan carpet can be a daunting task. With a variety of new modern styles, colours and types to choose from, tartan carpets can be a minefield. We’ve setout some handy guidelines to help you choose your first / perfect tartan carpet.

Types of Tartan Carpets

Ask yourself, is your home a family home? Or have the kids left home?

The 2 most popular types of a carpet are wool and polypropylene.

  • Polypropylene is great for households with kids and animals. Polypropylene Tartan Carpets offers the best resistance against stains and are less likely to be destroyed by harsh cleaning chemicals needed to remove stains and smells. The pile on a modern polypropylene carpet tends to be a lot softer which is great for kids who crawl. Polypropylene is great for value for money.
  • A Tartan Wool Carpet = longevity. Naturally stain resistant to light stains and soiling. Wool carpets will last longer when looked after and will retain its pile shape and height long after polypropylene. While you will pay more per m² for a wool tartan carpet, the carpet will last longer.


A tartan carpet will naturally become a focal point of any room or space. The striking design and pattern will make everyone look at it.

Hugh Mackay Tartan Carpet on a landing

A great example of this is stair case we fitted in a Hugh Mackay Tartan Wool Carpet.

We recommend that if you can; theme and style your room around the colours in the tartan carpet you’ve chosen. If the tartan carpet has a few neutral shades, choose the lighter colour and paint the walls a similar colour.

A great example of this is stair case we fitted in a Hugh Mackay Tartan Wool Carpet.

Remember that light plays an important part in how the carpet will look, when you visit Floorstyles-Direct in Gateshead ask to borrow our samples to see how they will look in your room. Its best to see the carpet in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Whether you have chosen a wool or polypropylene carpet, never skimp on the underlay. If your underlay has been down for longer than a couple of years, it will inevitably be due for a change. Underlay will flatten over time and take on smells from liquids spilt on the floor.


Underlay thickness will add warmth, while the density of the underlay will help to protect the carpet pile for longer from flattening.

Our in store staff will be able to recommend the best underlay.
To see our full range of Tartan carpets, visit our Team Valley Store.



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